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Data Mining Group

  • Current PhD Students
    • Pengyang Wang
    • Kunpeng Liu

  • Current Masters Students
    • Dakshak Keerthi Chandra

  • Current Undergradudate Students
    • Forum Shah
    • Daniel T. Holtzclaw

  • Visiting Scholars
    • Pengfei Wang
    • Xin Xu

To Potential Students

  • If you are interested in working with me, please observe the following requirements.
    • A strong interest in data mining
    • Self-motivated
    • Good writing and presentation skills
    • A strong computer science background
  • To help me to know your background, please send me the following items by email.
    • A resume
    • A copy of your graduate/undergraduate transcript showing grades of at least five computer science and engineering courses.
  • Once we have a commitment to each other, I will do my best to help you.
    • to build a strong research capability and publication record
    • to proceed with your thesis
    • to prepare for your future career.